Modern Essentials x New York

We are not just from New York, we are made here

New York, the city of bright lights, high fashion and the city that never sleeps. Modern Essentials was born here. Right in the core of it all

Modern Essentials has stayed true to its heritage. All pieces are designed in our downtown Studio and manufactured at our Studio on West 39th St in Manhattan. Fabrics are sourced out of the United States or globally depending on the season

Starting as an essential brand only, we have begun to grow the business even further to carry more than just those fashion essentials. This S.S 18 season our team has ventured to many cities around the world to find the most curated and equisetic pieces for our brand to carry. Each month throughout the season we will be featuring pieces in our “home” collection that are from around the world. That’s the New Yorker in us, the multi-cultural city we are in

We are a world-wide known brand. We will be featured in the September issue of British Vogue, British GQ, American Vogue, American GQ and many more publications from around the world. With a global following, we pride ourselves on ensuring we stick true to our roots from New York. After all, this is the city who raised us

- The Modern Essentials team